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L.A. Car Commercial Filming Pics!

Filming car commercials in L.A.! The SUV carrying the camera is a Porsche and the other car is Infinity.   See more car filming pictures!   Watch Video

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Late Night Happy Hour San Francisco: Part 3 of Happy Hour with NYC Colleagues

What can your crew of colleagues and friends do on a late weekday night in San Francisco? Find out the germs in the city where you can have fun late night happy hour! Read Late Night Happy Hour San Francisco

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Apple Nut Bread Recipe

“Bread makes itself, by your kindness, with your help, with imagination running through you, with dough under hand, you are bread-making itself.” Welcome to Girls Social’s first Associate Blogger: Miss Cat Read More about her  Apple Nut Bread recipe

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Restaurant Happy Hours San Francisco: Happy Hour with NYC Colleagues

Part two of “Happy Hour with NYC Colleagues” Find out how to choose best happy hour restaurants and bars in San Francisco. Happy Hour with NYC Colleagues: Restaurant Happy Hours

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Taylor Clark at Edo Salon

Get your beautiful layer haircut from Taylor Clark at Edo Salon, San Francisco.

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How to Make the Initial Conversation: Happy Hour with NYC Colleagues

You know how important it is to get introduced to visiting colleagues from a different city: they bring a whole new network of contacts within and outside your organization; they can help you land a job transfer; or they could … Continue reading

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