How to manage stress in job search

Job Search Stress The reality is that job search is stressful. How well you manage stress and anxiety from job search, even rejection, can have a profound effect on your well-being. Oftentimes people get stressed about preparing for interview questions and answers and feel defeated and deflated when they are rejected by a potential employer. When you never get the employers to call or when you are eliminated from the final round of interview, a lot of bad feelings come out of you making you feeling down. What you need to do is to manage stress correctly and move on quickly to the next opportunity. On the one hand, you need to look at the job rejection in perspective, and on the other hand you need job search strategies to move on quickly.

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How to answer job interview questions

interview questions and answers So now you are preparing for your on-site interview, you wonder what questions will be asked and how to answer those job interview questions. Besides the usual advice on dressing professionally, doing your research of the company, and putting on a positive attitude, the one insight I can offer to you that makes a difference is to answer every question convincingly and clearly as to leave no doubt in the mind of the interviewer. How would you know whether you have answered satisfyingly? One way to tell is by watching for body language cues in the interview.

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How to pass job screening

Phone Screen After you get the first phone call from an employer, which only occurs in 5% of total applicants, you have just entered the real job interview screening process. There will be many battles ahead. You will need to pass possibly two job screenings before the on-site interview. Besides learning to deal with stress associated with the upcoming phone screening, you should prepare for interview questions and answers. Fortunately, the interview screening is the simplest battle to fight through. You will be much relieved to know the type of questions that will be asked.

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How to apply for a job and get the employer to call

apply for jobsAn often asked question in job hunting is how I apply for the job of my dream. People want interesting jobs, but in today’s tough labor market. That goal is increasingly out of reach for many job seekers. Today’s employers want relevant work experience more than ever, and they would almost always give preference to someone with very relevant work experience. That said, for you to apply for a job, you need to first ask yourself “Is my most recent work experience a good match to the job description?” If you think the match is over 60%, you should go ahead and apply for that job. If not, the odds for you to get the employers to call are very slim.

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Help Skin Survive the Winter: Dry Skin Remedies

Moisture gives your face a glowing vibrant look, a pair of full lips, youthful eyes, and naturally pink cheeks, so soft and clear as if they were transparent. Keeping skin hydrated and looking healthy take a constant conscious effort to protect it from the changing environment and process of aging. Drinking ample amount of water is the first step, but to withstand the harsh winter weather, your skin needs the right moisture products.

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Tiny Zoo Design Genius

Tiny Zoo Design Virtual goods games, like Tiny Zoo Friends, are the new trend in the gaming industry for some time now. Some people like those cute animal icons. Some people like the feeling of accomplishment of having the rarest, most expensive and difficult prizes. But for me, I just love to beautify my carefully cultivated zoo.

Check out those beautiful zoos

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Cute Deer Loves the Camera!

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Autumn Scenery Reflection

That Same Other World~Poems written for the Change of Season to Autumn~

On the fourth day of autumn rain,
rays of sunlight pierced through;
The color of summer is fading,
giving way to moccasin hues;

The moised air lost its energy to embrace the sun,
but congregated up the rich aroma of everygreens;
Treding though the forest damped the sole,yet
touched by satin sleeves waving in the wind;

Birds stoped the playful chasing game in the sky,
coming down on the ground to prepare for winter.
Time of the year to settling down the heart,
preparing for the new beginning.

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