Autumn Scenery Reflection

Autumn morning ~Morning~
On the fourth day of autumn rain,
Rays of sunlight pierced through;
The color of summer is fading,
Giving way to moccasin hues;

The moist air lost its energy to embrace the sun,
But congregated up the rich aroma of evergreens;
Treading though the forest damped the sole, yet
Touched by satin sleeves waving in the wind;

Birds stopped the playful chasing game in the sky,
Coming down on the ground to prepare for winter.
Time of the year to settling down the heart,
Preparing for the new beginning.


Walking through canyon


The lingering summer cast down on earth,
Bringing back beautiful memories of August;


Overcast washed away the lake blue sky, but
Sun rays still warmed up every breath of air;


Awing to the landscape standing in the wind,
Realizing nature is another world to humans.






Passing wind sends the valley rattling,
Picking up a slight taste of coldness;

Fading sunlight gently lights up the world,
Giving out pleasant warmth to the skin;

Watching the tranquility of flowing water,
Listening to the quietness of an autumn afternoon.



castle sunset

Brushing the sky with pink, orange, and blue,
Sun walked away with strokes of color;

Before the approach of shadow,
Foliage radiates its last glow;

Night wind awakens the lake God,
Making waves to dance with the night.


Caravan (Omar Akram, Album: Secret Journey) by kavitha

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October 8, 2011
By Shunie

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