Part Two: Girl’s Guide to Meet a Boy in Night Clubs

It’s because he is lucky enough to get a girl dancing with him. Your attention to him worth so much more than the a few drinks he paid for you. Just look around you will see so many frustrated single males standing against the wall.

There can be many reasons why you want to switch partners. Maybe you want to dance with your friends, maybe the guy you are dancing with is not very good, or worse the guy is rude, like grabbing your hair to touching you too much. In any case, leave him. You can easily say, “I need to check on my friends” and walk away. If he follows you to your friends, just talk to your friends exclusively as if he is not even there. He will get the message soon or later and find another girl to pursue. Speaking of touching in clubs, it’s typical for a guy to pat you on your shoulder or back a bit; if you two are dancing closely, he could lightly grind you with his chest and back. Anything more than that is a warning sign. The same goes for you: as much fun as you want to dance to your heart’s content, try not to excite your dance partner too much with your amazing dance moves. When he shyly smiles at you, you know you need to tone it down.

When the club is near closing, the guy will want you number. If you don’t want to see him ever again, ask for his number first and try not to give your number or give him your Google Voice number. If you really like him, have his number and give him your number. However, with guys in night clubs in general, you shouldn’t hope for a relationship with them. First of all, under the clubbing lights, everyone looks pretty good. You have to meet the guy another time to truly know what he looks like. In my experience, they looked much older and unattractive than I remembered. Secondly, his presumption about you as a party girl will create distrust and uneasiness about you. Building the trust needed for a serious relationship is very hard if not impossible.

When the dancing is over, storm out of the club and go home with your friends. A short goodbye and reassurance that you have got his number will help you quickly shake off the guy. I don’t support the idea of going home with the guy that night. You need rest from all the dancing and dehydration. Plus it’s just not safe. If you are ever tempted to go home with him, think about STDs. Whether you want to keep in contact with that boy who danced with you all night, you can decide that when you are sober the next day.

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May 28, 2011
By Shunie

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