How to be a Cute Girl

cute girl like a kittenGuys like cute girls. If you can give your man the feeling of innocence, youth, and playfulness, he will be all over you and go crazy for you. Being a cute girlfriend is a sure way to keep your man happy in the relationship. Dressing cute is just one way, but having a cute personality and doing cute things will have a more lasting effect on him. Being cute for your man is not a job or pretention, but a natural trait that all girls possess. Girls have to seek within to bring out her cuteness. Though no one is the same, consider following ways.

1. The Color Pink

Pink is the princess color for a cute little girl. It’s a cheerful and happy color. Wearing pink gives you a young and feminine look. When you wear pink, your man, or any man, will find you a very cute girlfriend. When wearing pink, you don’t need to cover yourself with too much pink. Sometimes that’s too cute for a man. A pink short shirt or a pair of pink underwear will be sufficient. BEBE usually carry pink silk-laced short shirts and pink tank-tops.

Cute Girl Pink Sandals

Cute Girly Pink Sandals

Victoria’s Secret has a PINK underwear line for teenage girls, but even in their adult lines, pink is a sure-find color. A pink leather motorcycle jacket not only brings out your coolness, but it also shows your cute and feminine side. A pink pair of sandals or high heels will drive your man’s attention to your cute pair of feet.




2. A kid’s “Sorry”

Saying “sorry” when appropriate can make you a cute girl. Little things count. Sometimes you hurt our boyfriends’ feelings in subtle ways. Maybe it was a joke about his job or maybe you compared his body to a hot topless male model on the TV. You didn’t mean to hurt your man’s feelings, but he felt hurt, and you felt a little guilty. So what do you do? A serious apology seems too much for the situation. A better way to cheer him up is to give him a cute kid’s apology. When he hears your baby voice saying, “Baby, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have…(almost whining to him),” he will quickly forget about what happened and find you a very cute girlfriend. After all, how can people get mad at a kid who sincerely says “sorry”?

3. Kitten Talk

A lot of women tend to think baby talk is a cute way of communicating with their partner. Often men find this a little too immature and infantile. As an alternative, try imitating a playful little kitten to get your man’s attention. Guys may not like to watch cute kitten videos, but they certainly love cute girls: her cute look, cute personality, and the way she does cute things. When you are like a cute kitten, he just wants to play with you. Of course, you don’t kitten talk all the time to make yourself look silly. Do it when you want to be cute.

Try the following to bring forth your inner feline:

  • Kitten Meow: when you want to say “yes” or “no” in a different way; or when you want to give him acknowledgement on the fact that he is talking you to but you are not listening.
  • Kitten Purr: when cuddling or being close.
  • Cat Talk: when you have something embarrassing to say or want to ask for a big favor. Your cat talk will intrigue your man and get his attention. It will make him think you are a funny and cute girl. Click on the link to see how cat talk works.
  • Puppy howl: when you are happy or excited.

You may not be a 20-year-old cute girl anymore, but you can always feel and act like a funny and cute girlfriend for your man.

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July 17, 2011
By Shunie

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