Is No Strings Attached really Convenient? – A Zipcar Analogy

city zipcar with babes The convenience of a no strings attached relationship is appealing to some people, both men and women, in trying out this form of partnership. Much like driving a city Zipcar, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance cost or insurance; and you can just return the car as soon as you’re done with it. Though driving a Zipcar might be the only option for some people living in the city, choosing a no strings attached relationship is a personal preference. But, do you know sometimes a no strings attached relationship, like Zipcars, can be inconvenient? To answer this question, an analogy between the Zipcar and no strings attached relationships can lend a few insights to the inconvenience that people might overlook sometimes.

1. Is she available?

On a Saturday morning, you walked 10 city blocks to the nearest Zipcar lot. All the cars were taken. “Damn, I missed it. Never mind, I will just wait for tomorrow” you said to yourself. When tomorrow came, all the cars were still gone except a giant zip-truck. This time you got upset, “God damn it, where are those cars? Who took those cars? I just need to go to the grocery store. I don’t need a truck!” You were forced to take the truck anyway. First you had trouble opening the car door. Then there was foul smell inside. You drove in misery and wished you had owned a car. Similarly, if you have a no strings attached girl, she doesn’t have to be there for you when you need her. She can bail on you and hang out with another guy. Does this sound familiar to some people?

2. Is she a healthy babe?

Most men dislike smelling another man’s scent from his girl, let alone getting another man’s health problems. Sharing your ride with many strangers can be uncomfortable. In the flu season, you might get sick from driving a germ-infested Zipcar. Illness will pass in a week or so, but it’s not so quick with sexually transmitted diseases. A no strings attached girl is likely to have multiple partners and one night stands. One little accident, you can end up spending a lot of money and time to get rid of a prolonged and inconvenient disease.

3. Is she dumping you?

Your no strings attached girl has so little invested in relationship that she can cut the string anytime. For a long time  you didn’t hear from her and couldn’t get hold of her. You later found out that she got into a relationship. She became cold and acted like a stranger to you. Not much later she moved in with her new man in her life, and then they were getting married! Game over, dude. You may not miss her person per se, but you miss those fun nights with her. Now she is gone for good. You will have to find another willing babe. Depending on luck, it can take a long time before you find a fun babe like her.

Having a no strings attached relationship, like driving a Zipcar, can solve a short term problem. However, in the long term, it’s smart to get a girlfriend and enjoy the relationship for years to come. Your girlfriend will be there for you when you need her. She will not play around with other guys, and she will consider your feelings if there is a problem in the relationship. That’s total convenience.

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July 31, 2011
By Shunie

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