Cool Your Burning Mouth & Stomach when Having Hot Pot

hot pot Chinese hot pot is a devil’s challenge. It’s so delicious and tempting, but you will have to endure so much burning mouth and stomach pain at the same time. Many people’s taste buds crave a spicy, numbing, and fragrant mouth full of food soaked in a pot of red hot chili pepper oil. The spicier the hot pot is the more satisfying it is, but also the more burning pain you have in your mouth and stomach. Only when you have experienced the heaven and hell sensations at the same time yourself, you can truly understand why so many people love hot pot.

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Is there a way to enjoy hot pot without burning mouth and stomach pain after eating? As a hot pot veteran growing up in capital of Chinese hot pot, I have figured out some tricks to minimize the burning pain while enjoying hot pot, posted on my blog Girls Social.

Keep Your Body Comfortable:

  • Clean spicy oil off your lips constantly
  • Clear your nose regularly and thoroughly
  • Wipe sweat off your face and body

Lips are very sensitive to spices. Your lips will start burning if you don’t clean chili oil off them often. The burning sensation can last hours after the meal. Keeping your nose and skin comfortable is another key. When eating spicy food, your nose starts to run, and you start to sweat. Don’t wait until it is absolutely necessary to clear your nose and wipe away sweat; do it regularly even when you don’t need to. In fact, your body is under a lot of stress to deal with your burning mouth and stomach alone. By keeping your nose and skin comfortable, your body can manage the burning sensation better, and you can keep composure and look like a lady or gentleman.

hot pot food plateHave other Foods to Go along:

  • Eat plain rice and sweets
  • Use the dipping sauce
  • Add black rice vinegar to the sauce

To lessen burning mouth and stomach when and after eating, you need something plain or sweet to go along with the hot pot. After a mouth full of spicy food, quickly have a few bites of plain rice or sweets to stop the burning before it starts. After meal, try to have some more sweets or bread to calm your stomach. Dipping spicy food into the garlic-sesame sauce also reduces the spiciness. As a last resort, you can add black rice vinegar into the dipping sauce. The sourness of the vinegar has a strong neutralizing effect on spices.

Choose the Right Beverage:

  • Drink milk or soy milk
  • No soda please
  • Drink plenty of water now and afterwards

The type of beverage you choose to complement your hot pot experience plays an important role in reducing burning mouth and stomach. From numerous personal experiences, I found that milky fluids, such as walnut milk and soy milk, work best. Those milky fluids can wash down spices in your mouth much more effectively than water because molecules in the milk can sponge up more spices than water.

Although soda seems like a good beverage choice, it actually doesn’t go well with spices. When the soda sugar comes in contact with the spices in your hot burning mouth, it turns into sticky mucus in the back of your throat. The more you drink, the thirstier you are. The soda bubbles also add shock to your burning mouth and tongue. Lastly, water is always the default option. Drink plenty of water when eating and also afterwards to dilute the salt and the spices in your system.

Here you go. Try some of the tips and experience the difference. You don’t have to get burning mouth and stomach from eating hot pot or spicy food in general. To learn more about hot pot history, restaurant recommendation, and cooking recipes, read Hot Pot 101 on Girls Social.

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August 6, 2011
By Shunie

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