Forzieri Men’s Bracelets

Forzieri Men's BraceletA Forzieri Men’s Bracelet is a Great Gift to Someone Special!

Style: Forzieri Men’s Bracelets are elegant and manly. It can be a special jewelry gift for you man. Made in Italy, the bracelets show beautiful European craftsmanship and are made of high quality material in stainless steel, leather, sterling silver and 18K gold.

Pricing: Though a bit pricey overall, Forzieri offers different pricing levels. You can find decent looking bracelets below $100. But if you are willing to spend a little more, you can find really pretty ones under $150. The ones that are fully   made of silver and gold can go into the $200 and $300, and they are very beautiful.

Forzieri Bracelet Box

Other Highlights: Normal shipping to the U.S. is $12 per item, and it’s carried by DHL. The one I ordered took only 3 days to arrive San Francisco from Italy! I was so astonished.

But be aware, your credit card companies don’t like foreign companies. AMEX stopped the payment, and Chase Visa sent me a security alert by phone. So of you don’t want complication, use a visa card instead.

Anyhow, the bracelet comes in a nice gift box with white  satin ribbon wrapped around it.

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