Late Night Happy Hour San Francisco

Part Three of Happy Hour with NYC colleagues

10:30 – 12:00 am

disco-ballThe happy hour night is only so long. After the dinner and drinks, it’s getting a little late…but not that late, right? As long as your colleagues’ hotel is not too far, there is still time for more activities to make this happy hour in San Francisco extra memorable. Today, a business trip is hard to come by for a none-sale or none-manager white collar employee. All that virtual meetings and email communication have replaced most of the needs of business travel. So when my NYC manager brought his team to San Francisco, it’s time to have as much fun in happy hour as possible.

Activity One: Dancing

Ambassador DJ San FranciscoThe night we went to Ambassador, a live DJ started the music around 11pm. The music beat was good enough to entice people to move. I thought to myself, “Why going any where else? Let’s just dance here tonight.” Although most people didn’t come here to dance, that didn’t stop our party from hitting to the dance floor first. With some encouragement, I recruited a funny colleague to get the dancing started with me. It was during dinner that I discovered each colleague’s personality, their likes and dislikes. And frankly, they got to know me better. That’s why the happy hour with visiting colleague should start with a nice dinner.

We squeezed our way to be right in front of the DJ booth, that’s where you can usually find some elbow room in a super busy bar. We started dancing a bit, no touching, nothing inappropriate. “Why not?” you may ask me. Why wouldn’t I want to hit on a nice looking guy from NY with a stable financial job? The thing is that after all this is a business happy hour. The guy is your colleague, not a random hot guy you just met through your friends. To save yourself some awkwardness tomorrow and good work relationship in the future, don’t hit on that guy.

Seeing us dancing gave courage to other colleagues to join the fun. Little by little, all of them came to the dance group. We naturally formed a circle, like Africa Bushmen circling around a fire pit…everyone was doing some moves. I had a lot of fun watching them! We kelp on dancing until around 12am, and then we had to go home or back to hotel for the next day’s work.

Activity Two: Karaoke

karaoke  machineThere are other activates you can do late night in San Francisco besides drinking and dancing on weekdays. Once after we were done with beer pong at Bar None in Marina, we decided to go Karaoke in Japan town by foot. That is one mile each way up and down a steep hilly street. Haha, it was some late night workout. No one was out on the residential street at 11 something. We had the place all for our own. The only sound we could hear were our conversation, cars passing by occasionally, and mild late night wind.

When we got the Do Re Mi Karaoke, that place was pretty empty, and we were able to negotiate to get a large room for the price of a small room. Try that . Everyone had their share of singing, even the shyer ones. Going to karaoke with colleagues was really a good bonding experience. Everyone had fun, and we felt like friends with each other. When those NYC colleague went back, they would definitely remember me and the happy hour I organized the most :) .

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June 27, 2011
By Shunie

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