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Tiny Zoo Design - Garden Virtual world games, like Tiny Zoo Friends, are the hot trend in the gaming industry for some time now. Companies love them because people spend real dollars to buy virtual goods to be used in the game. People are addicted to them because they keep providing a bit of incentive to sustain their interest to go on playing. It might be hard to image yourself spend real dollars to buy icons/images in a game, but it is easy to see why people play this kind of games from the beautiful zoos they built.

Some people like those cute animal icons. Some people like the feeling of accomplishment of having the rarest, most expensive and difficult prizes. But for people like me, we just love to beautify our carefully cultivated zoo.

Check out my beautiful zoo entrance! It’s decorated with a Globe statue and lined with Pink ice cream shops. A puppy dog waits you at the door!
Tiny Zoo entrance








Here is my serene Gazebo Garden. A pond nearby, surrounded by a small flower garden. This garden is a quiet place for zoo visitors to relax.

Tiny Zoo Gazebo Garden








Check out my friend’s Maze Garden. So colorful and lively, and so many cute animals! It’s like a kid’s paradise.

Tiny zoo Maze Garden











Now, here is my African Savanna. While visitors are having their picnic, they can look around to see all the animals from Africa.

Tiny Zoo African Savanna







As you can see, my zoo has a balance 2,096,011 coins. Do you know what people do when they have lots of money? They spend on vanities, such as fine art, yachts, and big mansions etc. Here in Tiny Zoo, people like me spend coins and valuable land space on decorative flowers, fountains and statues. Those things earn you no coins, but they are a representation of your personality, style and creativity. It’s the feeling of “this is my zoo” that keep people being loyal to the game….well at least for a while.

Just so you know, if you play Tiny Zoo, type in “shunie” as your recruiter. You will get 10 zoo bucks for doing that.

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November 18, 2011
By Shunie

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