Help Skin Survive the Winter: Dry Skin Remedies

Moisture gives your face a glowing vibrant look, a pair of full lips, youthful eyes, and naturally pink cheeks, so soft and clear as if they were transparent. Keeping skin hydrated and looking healthy take a constant conscious effort to protect it from the changing environment and process of aging. Drinking ample amount of water is the first step, but to withstand the harsh winter weather, your skin needs the right moisture products.

Oils-Lock in the moisture

Plant-extracted oil is a great sealer of   moisture. Your skin naturally produces oil to moisturize the skin. However, in harsh winter months, facial skins are prone to over produce facial oil in the triangle area, leaving a layer of thick oil. To fix the problem, apply a few drop of plant-extracted oil to your face and neck in the morning right away after using moisturizer. That way, moisture can be effectively sealed. Without the need to moisturize itself, your skin will hold off its own oil production. If you have acne, choose a light-weight oil formula, such as Neutrogena’s sesame-based Body Oil.

There is a wide variety of natural oil in the market for different uses. Each has its own texture. The general guideline is to choose one that your skin can quickly absorb and feels light.

Night Cream-Cell Regeneration of Dry Patches

For women in their 20′s, night cream may not be really necessary in the majority of the year. But in the winter, when you notice some flaky patches on the sensitive areas of your face, it’s time to take out that jar of night cream that has been stuffed away in a drawer, or search for a new night cream that can give you visible improvement on the skin tone the next morning.

Moisturizer-Winter Special

You may have a favorite moisturizer that works well for you throughout the year, but it gets ineffective in the winter. If your facial skin craves hydration after 5 mins of application of moisturizer, it’s time to find a winter special heavy-duty moisturizer. After applying the right one to skin, the skin should feel and look visibly hydrated. With the right winter moisturizer, you may not even need natural oil to seal the moisture.

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