How to manage stress in job search

Job Search Stress The reality is that job search is stressful. How well you manage stress and anxiety from job search, even rejection, can have a profound effect on your well-being. Oftentimes people get stressed about preparing for interview questions and answers and feel defeated and deflated when they are rejected by a potential employer. When you never get the employers to call or when you are eliminated from the final round of interview, a lot of bad feelings come out of you making you feeling down. What you need to do is to manage stress correctly and move on quickly to the next opportunity. On the one hand, you need to look at the job rejection in perspective, and on the other hand you need job search strategies to move on quickly.

The first step to deal with stress is to not to see the job rejection as a loss, but rather a lucky escape. The company you wanted to work for so badly may not be what you imagined. Until you have worked there, you would not know who you would be working with (are they nice or are they difficult?) and what the internal process is (very efficient or frustratingly bureaucratic?). Your knowledge of that job and that company is very limited, if not misperceived by all the PR around the company. The person who rejected you may have done you a great favor-saving you the misery working in a place that you would want to leave in a month. So instead of finding faults in yourself after being rejected, think to yourself: this is not a loss but rather there is a more suitable company waiting for you on the horizon.

The longer people are out of a job, the more stressed they feel. Before your stress level runs too high, you can bring it back down by having new interviews lined up. This means that while you are interviewing with one company, you are still applying for other jobs and passing the job screening with other companies. You are in a good place if you have three companies in various job interview stages going on at the same time. It’s the simple principle of not putting all your eggs in one basket. So when one company rejects you, you can quickly evaluate what went wrong and do better at the next interview with a different company. By using this method, you can even get multiple job offers around the same time, giving you a great advantage to negotiate salary.

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