How to pass job screening

phone screenAfter you get the first phone call from an employer, which only occurs in 5% of total applicants, you have just entered the real job interview screening process. There will be many battles ahead. You will need to pass possibly two job screenings before the on-site interview. Besides learning to deal with stress associated with the upcoming phone screening, you should prepare for interview questions and answers.

Fortunately, the interview screening is the simplest battle to fight through. You will be much relieved to know the type of questions that will be asked.The person who conducts the phone screening call is usually the HR person. He or she will more or less ask the same question regardless of the company. Their primary task is to verify who you said you were and what you said you worked on. For you, it’s like explaining your work experience to someone orally over the phone. Make sure you emphasize your experience relevancy and that because of that you are well qualified to work at the new job. Although the first job screening over phone is the easiest, that is not to say you can be totally relaxed.

To pass the job screening with near 100% success rate, you need to be proactive in talking about yourself. Don’t wait to answer questions passively, tell the employer “Let me introduce myself to you a bit” right after the greeting. Then after you have listed your strongest points relevant to the job, ask the caller any questions she has. Most likely, you have answered all the questions she had in mind. She might still ask you why you want to work for this company and what you know about this company. So do your research beforehand. At the end of the interview screening, you need to know a few things before the interviewer gets off the phone. You want to know when you will hear back and what the hiring manager is looking for. This will help you prepare for the second job screening and the interview after that as it allows you to estimate how fast they want to fill this position. The longer it takes, the less likely anyone will actually get it.

If you pass the phone screen with HR, you should hear back within two days for another phone screening with the hiring manager, which can last 30 minutes as opposed to 10 minutes with HR. To pass the second phone screening, it’s not so easy breezy. You will have to put greater effort into the preparation. You should list the details of each project that are relevant to the job description, and take the insights you got from your first phone screen into prioritizing which projects to talk about first. If you do your homework and be proactive in the phone screen, you should have a 50% success rate moving into the on-site interviews. When you do get the on-site interview opportunity, you are half way into getting the job offer :) .

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