Kauai Guide: Things to do in Kauai Poipu Area

kauai beach Whether it’s secluded beaches, island adventure or family fun you seek, Kauai, the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, is a great place to vacation. To really soak in all that Kauai has to offer, it’s important to pick a great location to stay, and that location is Poipu Beach on the South Shore. The Kauai Poipu area has the best combination of gourmet restaurants, exotic beachfront, and easy access to the most exciting and breathtaking outdoor activities.

One of the greatest benefits of staying in Poipu Kauai is the accessibility of the location. Many fun things to do are only within a 30 minute drive, allowing you to easily visit the National Tropical Botanical McBryde Garden, Port Allen Harbor for a catamaran ride along the majestic Na Pali Coast, the natural wonder of Waimea Canyon, and of course the fun and beautiful Poipu Beach.

McBryde Garden Flower

McBryde Garden

The easiest thing you can do in Poipu Kauai is visit this 252 acres national botanical garden, a research and conservation nursery for many native plants and other plant species on the planet. It is home to the largest ex situ collection of native Hawaiian flora in the world, as well as extensive plantings of palms, flowering trees, heliconias, orchids and other plants collected from tropical regions. Because of the temperate island weather, flowers bloom all year long, making the garden perfect whether you visit in the winter or summer. Walking among the lush green leaves along a creek is a quiet and refreshing experience. To reach the garden from Poipu Kai hotels, it usually takes a short 10-15 minute drive to the garden entrance and a $20 shuttle fee.

Waimea Canyon-Na Pali Coast Catamaran Ride to Na Pali Coast

The most exciting thing to do in Poipu Kauai is to catch a catamaran ride to the Na Pali coast. Not only will you observe the majestic mountain cliff along the west shore, you will also spot wild dolphins and sea turtles swimming alongside the boat, snorkel among schools of tropical fish, and dine with loved ones under a golden sunset. This 5 and half hour catamaran ride is not a light trip, so be prepared to avoid sea sickness and sun exposure. Try to get the afternoon ride, rather than the morning one, unless you want to get up at 5am. With coupons found in many Kauai travel booklets, you can get a price between $100 and $120 per person.

Waimea Canyon Kauai, HawaiiWaimea Canyon

Who would guess Kauai with the wettest spot on earth could also have a dry canyon? Surprisingly, visiting the canyon is not a strenuous activity to do, but it does take a lot of driving time. Once you get onto Waimea Canyon Dr, you will arrive at various lookout points to see the canyon. A natural wonder, the Waimea canyon is deep, wide, and extensive. It offers many difficult trails. In the mid-way, there is a restaurant at Kokke State Park for you to catch a break.

If you have the persistence to get to the end of the road, you’ll be rewarded to see a magnificent lush valley of the Na Pali coast and a 1 mile trail on the top of the mountain. There is no cost to visit the canyon, and there are plenty of restrooms at each of the lookout points.

Poipu Beach Sunset

Poipu Beach

Consistently named one of America’s best beaches, Poipu Beach is great for both families and couples. Within walking distance from a variety of hotels and condos, Poipu Beach is a series of small, crescent shaped beaches. Snorkeling, swimming, surfing, and body boarding are all great activities to do at Poipu. The shape of the beach not only produces some of the richest coral in Kauai, but also small pools of water that are 3 feet deep, very calm, and great for small children. A picnic area, a restaurant and a snorkel rental shop are all conveniently located behind the beach.

josellin's tapas


With so many activities to do in Poipu Kauai, you’ll surely build up a big appetite throughout the day. In the morning, start the day with breakfast at the Grand Hyatt Resort’s café, looking down beautifully gardened beach and accompanied by white swans and tropical parrots. For dinner, you should definitely try Josselin’s Tapas Bar and Grill. You’ll be pleased by the tastiness and creativity of their Asian fusion tapas.

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August 27, 2011
By Shunie

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