Macho or not Macho: when Your Man Carries Your Handbag?

man carries women's bag“Hey, I want to give you a High Five!” A gal wearing a cocktail dress said to me one night outside an up-scale restaurant while my party was waiting for our valet car. “Me? What? Why? Are you getting too much to drink?” Thinking to myself and looking confused. Then she said, “Because your boyfriend carries your purse!” “Oh… I See. Haha, of course.” I gladly gave this gal a high five. Then a realization struck me: I am truly lucky for having such an awesome boyfriend.

Before I came to this realization, I have already been getting many female comments about the fact that my boyfriend carried my purse for the night whole. While we were inside the restaurant, someone in our party asked my boyfriend, “What’s that you are carrying?” “My girlfriend’s purse. I am helping her carry it.” He replied calmly and gave me a kiss on the forehead. Then all the females in our party took a curious look at the new accessory on his right shoulder. I didn’t understand where the curiosity came from until meeting the high-five gal.

-The Reflection-

gucci bagI never knew a man carrying his girl’s purse was such a big deal. I always feel it is natural that since men have more arm strength they should carry heavier stuff, such as a woman’s handbag. Every woman wants to carry a beautiful fashionable designer bag filled with her lip gloss, foundation, hair spray, eye shadow…not to mention the common items like wallet, key chain, phone, and notebook. Unfortunately carrying the handbag means a sore shoulder in 20 mins; that’s the cost of looking beautiful. Though I never listed “willingness to carry my handbag” a dating requirement, I never thought that a man would refuse to do so.

But what do I know? After some research on this subject on online forums, I realized just how much social stigma some men and women felt about doing it. Men say carrying his woman’s handbag diminishes his macho self-image. Women say people will laugh at her if her man is not macho enough. Points taken. I can understand this feeling of embarrassment in the eyes of the public. But I never paid too much attention on what people think about my style, my choice, or my look. If I did, I would probably have become an emotional-wreck by now, not the confident happy me that people get to know.

-The Analysis-

man carries women's bagLove shows through the little things lovers do for each other. If your man carries your purse, you are really lucky because it says a lot about his personal quality and his feelings for you.

He is a confident person. A confident man is a real macho man. Not worrying too much about what people think shows a man’s mental maturity and stability. He is comfortable being who he is and does what he wants. His focus is on what is important in his life, like you, not people having no relationship with him. This type of man has the potential to pursue his dream despite all the doubts around him. On the opposite, when a man constantly worries about how the public thinks of him, he is insecure inside. This insecurity can make his relationship with a woman unsatisfying. If your man refuses to carry your handbag, let him know that helping his lady with his muscle power is a very macho act in your and the public eye.

He wants to care for you. Think about it, your boyfriend carrying your handbag is all because of love. He wants to take the heavy weight off your beautiful shoulder. He wants you to enjoy yourself at the party, in the shopping mall, or just walking down the street with him. A real man wants to care for his lady. Today, his carries your purse. Someday in the distant future, he will carry much more weight for you.

Chanel handbag

-The Conclusion-

A man who will carry a woman’s handbag is a real macho man, a lady’s man, and a lovable man. But please don’t let him carry a pink hello kitty bag; a man has his limits.

Next time when you need a new bag, take him with you and get a cool, sexy and sleek one that he will want to carry for you.

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September 25, 2011
By Shunie


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